Printed on our unique day/night duratrans material, your back-lit graphics will look sharp with your lightbox on or off, day or night. Printed on our dedicated back-lit digital printer and with resolution up to 1400 lpi plus double-pass for deep saturation, your back-lit graphics will look crisp, clear, and vivid. Printed on a milky-white substrate to reduce hot-spots from bulbs and finished with a deep, lustrous gloss laminate, Metropolitan Graphics’ duratrans/backlit graphics look like they come alive. Up to 6’ wide in a single pass, our duratrans material can be loosely rolled for easy and inexpensive shipping, or the graphics can be mounted to rigid, clear plex when needed. Custom color profiles are set and saved per job, ensuring that output is 100% perfect every time, and we offer bulk pricing for larger print runs.

Back-Lits and duratrans is our specialty and you won’t be disappointed. Contact us for more information and surprisingly affordable pricing for your next back-lit project.